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Prison Ministry

Barry Strickland has been successfully taking the Wild At Heart and Captivating message (authored by John & Stasi Eldredge) to thousands men and women that are residents of Texas Department of Criminal Justice in five different units.

He is currently networking to assemble teams to take this message to even more facilities across north Texas and across the nation.

He is actively involved with Faith Based Programs at the Johnston Unit in Winnsboro, TX and Beto Unit in Tennessee Colony, TX. Periodically, he is also part of the Kairos Team at Hutchins State Jail in Hutchins, TX.

“We not only have the biblical mandate to go to these brothers and sisters, but they will eventually be released into our neighborhoods. If we expect them to become honest productive members of society they need to know what that looks like. You cannot be what you do not know. Very few of these men and women have had positive male role models in their lives.”

Quotes from residents and former residents of TDCJ:

  • I had tried the secular approach to my addiction out in the world, and it suppressed my addiction for a while, but it never got to the root of the problem. Jesus did. I thank all the volunteers for bringing the problem - that injured child inside of me - to my attention so I could then take him to Jesus. God bless you all.
  • …my biggest breakthrough came with the Captivating study. I have been home for three and a half months and am still amazed.
  • Thank you for caring about the “throwaways”.
  • Those who Jesus sets free are free indeed. No more pain, no more pain, Jesus has taken away my pain.
  • I have a renewed sense of belonging and understanding of my role as a father and husband and what makes us tick as a man.
  • I now know I don’t have to live my life in turmoil…and that God is on my side.
  • I was an atheist up until this weekend. The word of God was the major impact of the weekend.
  • You guys are a lot of things but fake is not one of them. I have been running for 17 years from a mission that God has chosen me for. My heart has been re-started and softened. Thank you for everything.
  • This is needed throughout the correctional community. It is an open door to the development of a man’s heart.
  • I was confused on how you hear from Him and now I know. Thank you so much
  • The rest of our team at NWA are also involved in aiding Barry in Texas, particuarliy with Boot Camps and occasionally in their own states working with the rehabilitation of those inmates who are coming out of the prison system through our Mentoring Program and Heroes Boot Camps.


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