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We’ve all lost something. We’ve all been bruised and battered. We all need help finding the great treasure of our life. We all need a guidance. NWA’s Applied Adventure Mentoring Program is a one-on-one relationship where our mentors walk with you through the masculine journey into the freedom and life that is only offered through Christ. We help you become who God designed you to be no matter where you are on your journey! We live out our lives in front of you. We're regular "joes" who are after irreversible change in our own lives and leading you into an environment where you hear, see, feel, and experience Christ. Change will occur! Our mentors will help you identify important goals and priorities, and help you strategize about how to reach them and overcome obstacles that crop up along the way.

If you are searching for a systematic, effective methodology to become the man God designed you to be with character, competence, strength, and honor, then NWA can help.

To be considered for the mentoring program you must accomplish the following requirements:

-Seeking Christ

-Read or be reading Wild at Heart

-Be at least 17 years of age

-At least a 6 month commitment to the training/mentoring

-Be able to meet the financial requirements

-Able to physically participate in outdoor adventure

A 6th month journey that includes:

  • 2 Individual sessions a month
  • Living It Out in Community
  • An overnight trip accompanied by mentor
  • Applied Adventure Program designed for you personally Initiation
  • Experiential Discipleship
  • We offer mentoring in and around Shelby, NC, Denver CO & Dallas TX. As well as through Skype & Phone.


  • NC: Greg Sailors:
  • NC: Mark Folk:
  • TX: Barry Strickland:
  • CO: Tim Little:
  • NWA Office: 704-860-9719